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Mailbox Standardization
Brick-Enclosed-Mailbox Project - In March 2011, the Woodmore Highlands Community adopted an architectural standard for houses to have brick-enclosed mailbox in order to help improve the esthetics of the community. For most homeowners, our homes are the largest investment that we will make. All homeowners have a responsibility to help ensure that our development provides the best impression available to visitors and perspective buyers.
Structural standards and building requirements for the brick-enclosed mailboxes are included in Architectural Control Guidelines, Version 3, dated July 23, 2020, Appendix 2.  You may also email your questions or concerns to Brenda@woodmorehighlands.org or use the "Contact Us" feature in this website if you want to install a brick-enclosed mailbox or just have additional questions.  Homeowners are not authorized to begin work to install a brick-enclosed mailbox without (1) receiving approval from the City of Bowie and (2) having an approved Application for Exterior Alteration from the Architectural Control Committee.  
Also, please click on "pictures" for examples of various brick-enclosed mailboxes currently installed in Woodmore Highlands.