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Crime Statistics

Crime Statistics for Woodmore Highlands - The information below shows the number calls to police for services by Woodmore Highlands residents and the number of police reports written for 2008 through 2015.  Also, see Hints to Homeowners to prevent burglaries.

The following charts are by month and year.

Woodmore Highlands Service Calls and Police Reports Written

- Year 2018 

- Year 2017

 - Year 2016 

 - Year 2015

 -Year 2014

 - Year 2013

 - Year 2012

 - Year 2011 

 - Year 2010 

  - Year 2009

  - Year 2008

Explanation of the Call to Service Reports (link)

Hints to Homeowners to prevent burglaries (link) 

Home Safety Tips (link)

Guide to Reporting Crimes (link)