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                                                    Woodmore Highlands Online Assessment Payment Program (WHOAPP)

The Woodmore Highlands Online Assessment Payment Program (WHOAPP) uses the Online QuickBooks application to enable homeowners who have received invoices from the HOA to make secure free bank transfer of funds (FBT) from their bank to the HOA’s bank. Homeowners are not charged for these transfer transactions. To perform the funds transfers between banks, you must be a registered website user and your invoice must be activated to process FBT Transactions.

  1. For the 2020 Assessment, all assessment invoices will be automatically updated to support FBT.  If you have any questions, please send an email  to admin@woodmorehighlands.org.  
  2. FBT will allow you to pay all or part of your assessment balance online. However, the entire assessment amount due must be submitted for payment by March 16th to avoid a late fee penalty charge.   
  3. FBT allows you to do electronic transfer of funds from your bank account to the HOA’s bank.  Note: If you want to pay your assessment by credit card, please use the HOA’s PayPal program that is available from the HOA’s website under the “Member Access” tab and the “SOA Summary” screen.  PayPal does charge a processing fee for charging your assessment payment.
  1. When you receive the invoice, please open the email and view your invoice.  If the balance due is correct, select the “Pay Now” button on your invoice which will bring up the Payment screen. Note: Please ensure that you have funds available in your account to cover the payment request. Click on Homeowner Instructions for additional information
  2. The Payment screen requires you to enter the information that will be used for the Free Bank Transfer. This screen uses a drop down menu for you to select “Payment Method” which is the type of account being used for the money transfer. Other required items are the routing number, account number, and the account holder’s first name and last name.  Double check all entered information including all numbers entered to prevent errors. Note: The routing number and account number are on the lower left bottom of your check.
  3. Click on the “Pay Now” button. Afterwards, the accounting system will generate your receipt showing the information you entered. Please print or save this receipt.  You will also receive a payment confirmation via email from the accounting system. At this same time, the HOA account administrator will receive an emailed “payment notification” for your transaction. 
  4. Your payment transaction is automatically inputted into the accounting system on the day the transaction is performed.
  5. For your information,  the following timeframes were documented during the 2018 FBT pilot project::
    1. The homeowner’s bank account was notified of the payment request to be sent to Woodmore Highlands on the first day after the initial transaction was inputted.
    2. The funds were transferred from the homeowner’s bank account on the second day after the initial transaction
    3. According the QuickBooks’ documentation, the actual payment will be credited to the HOA’s bank account about 5 business days after the initial transaction but your payment is recorded on the date you made the transaction.


The HOA encourages all homeowners to review the information, send in questions, and use FBT.  All questions will be researched and the responses will be included on this webpage. Homeowners still have the options to use PayPal or to mail their assessment payment to the HOA